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About Us






Welcome to the hottest thing to hit the aviation community since the invention of afterburners!

How would you like to be the next world famous internet pilot? How about just watching other pilots fly on a Reality Flight to see what kind of situations they encounter, and how they react when staring in the face of challenging situations? What would you have done if you were in that situation? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put yourself in the cockpit in the safety of your own home? Well now you can!

Welcome to WINGsReality, Americas Only Online Aviation Reality Game Show! At WINGsReality, you can climb into the cockpit and fly with our online contestant pilots. See what you would do in the same situation, and see how your decisions stack up to the WINGsReality Judges.


WINGsReality Route Overview

Your adventure begins when you depart!

You never know quite what to expect! Everything could Go according to your plan, or the WINGsReality judges could change everything!

All WINGsReality Pilots are actual Federal Aviation Administration Certified Airman in real life!

What better opportunity is there to check out your
aeronautical knowledge? Find out what your
strengths and weaknesses are right in the privacy
of your own home! WINGsReality Flights are just
like real flights. You will receive a Weather
Briefing, complete a Navigation Log, file a Flight
Plan and prepare for your flight just as you would
in the real world.


For those of you who do not speak “pilotese”,
that means they have a real pilot’s license!
When you watch the WINGsReality game
show, you will be assured of a realistic
aviation experience.


WINGsReality is all about creating an interactive environment for contestants and online
audience to learn from.

As a WINGsReality Pilot, you will be departing on an online flight in an airplane. Just like a real
flight, you will fly in specific weather, environmental and operating conditions.
Each week, you will fly a new segment of your online reality flight. You will encounter many
challenges along the way. You will have to make good decisions and respond as you would in
the cockpit in real life. The WINGsReality judges will evaluate your choices. You will be
rewarded for making good aeronautical decisions and responses. At times, your decisions may
fall into the “somewhat less than prudent” category, and the judges will alter your flight
accordingly. Hey, you never know what to expect! They might alter your flight even when you
do make good decisions!


Remember that it’s OK to make mistakes in here!

WINGsReality is about learning for
everyone! In fact, safety education is our
primary focus. The creators and staff at
WINGsReality are Certified Flight Instructors
and professional pilots. Pilots and audience
will gain valuable knowledge by learning
what parts of the flight went well, and what
got others into trouble!



At WINGsReality, you will also find dozens of forums covering a host of topics for pilots and
Aviation Maintenance Technicians. Got a question or something to say? News to share? How
about posting your event calendar, or news about your new certificate or rating?

We are an exclusive aviation community. Only WINGsReality members may post and only
pilots are qualified to join as members. That way, you are assured that all of the information in
our forum is good stuff and meaningful to pilots.

WINGsReality is your site. We want this to be your place to go to stay on top and safe in your
passion for flying! Besides, it’s just plain fun and you might even make some new friends.

Whether you play from home or as one of our WINGsReality Online Aviation Reality
Game Show Pilots, you are sure to have fun and learn something every week.

As a WINGsReality Pilot, you will have a whole world of fans and peers in the World Wide Web
audience. Each week, your fans will be watching your flight and rooting you on to a safe landing
at your destination. It is not about getting there first. It is about getting there safely and
efficiently, making good aeronautical decisions, and scoring points along the way. Mostly, it’s
about the ultimate aviation safety education experience!

Plan well, fly safe, and have fun. May the tailwinds be with you!


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