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WINGsReality FAQs






Q. What is the intention of the WINGsReality site?
A. WINGsReality is intended to serve both as a forum for all members of the aviation community to exchange ideas, questions and camaraderie, as well as to serve as a valuable educational tool for everyone in the aviation community and the general public.

Q. How does WINGsReality achieve it’s educational efforts?
A. WINGsReality hosts an online aviation reality game show. WINGsReality Pilots depart on “reality flights”, and encounter many challenges and surprises along the way. Pilots must plan their flights well, and recognize the challenges as they encounter them. They are judged on how well they manage their situations, what kind of aeronautical decisions they make, and how they execute the flight. The results are available for cast members and the online audience to watch.

Q. Does anyone get voted off the show?
A. No! No one gets voted off. However, the judges are highly qualified pilots, Certified Flight Instructors and have other qualifications with regards to aviation safety and accident causal factors. If a pilot makes a mistake, the judges will react accordingly. In extreme cases, the judges will “crash” the flight. The pilot may survive the crash or not!

Q. How do you maintain the quality of your forums?
A. We want to make sure that the information in the forum is valuable to the aviation community. To maintain that high level of quality, anyone who wants to participate in the forums must be qualified in the aviation community and become a WINGsReality member.

Q. How do I apply to be a WINGsReality Cast Member on your online reality game show?
A. Cast members must be registered WINGsReality members, and must hold an Airman certificate. For full cast member rules, please refer to the WINGsReality Online Reality Game Show Official Rules.

Q. How much does it cost to become a WINGsReality member?
A. Nothing! It’s just about the last FREE thing in this world!

Q. Is WINGsReality going to share my information with anyone?
A. NEVER! EVER! If your Mom is looking for you, she won’t get any help from us!

Q. This sounds way too exciting! How do I sign up to watch the WINGsReality online aviation reality game show?
A. Just show up at The WINGsReality game is free and open for anyone to watch online.

Q. Do I need an instrument rating to participate as a WINGsReality cast member?
A. No. All WINGsReality “flights” will be flown under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Q. How do I find out more?
A. Just visit and surf around the site. You can also send us a message right from the site.

Q. How do I join WINGsReality?
A. It’s easy! Just go to and click on register. Fill in the info on the registration
form and hit submit.

Q. How do I qualify to participate in the WINGsReality forums?

A. Online participants must join as WINGsReality members to participate in the online forums. All forum participants must hold a sport pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot, CFI, or airline transport pilot certificate. All ratings are accepted. Many of the forums are on topics of maintenance or other aviation sectors. Please feel free to join with your Aviation Maintenance Technician Certificate as well. The certificate requirements are to maintain a quality experience for our online community.

Q. How do I qualify to view the WINGsReality forums?

A. All forums and WINGsReality online games are open to anyone (members or non-members) for viewing only.


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